Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sewing & Studs

Top : Freebie; Skirt : Pamela McCallum; Shoes : Office; Bangles : Primark; Cuff : H&M

So I have been a busy bee! Not really, but I have made a skirt! Timmins should be proud!! But as I was cutting the hem, I also cut into the fabric in the skirt and made a huge big hole, so first I tried to embroider it but that wasn't for happening since it looked bloody awful so then I thought I'll put lace over it! Fell in love with bridal lace at about £60 a metre so that wasn't a go-er either, then I discovered these sew on studs and they worked like a dream!! So easy to use and they look like something I would actually wear. Have plans to put them on shoes, jackets, tops and all sorts. Will take it too far but you can never have enough studs. Just call me Donatella.

Lady G in Versace's finest studs for her Edge of Glory video.

Love Love x x x

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