Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A Surreal Experience

We've started our sewing classes recently and for our first project we were to take a men's white shirt and turn it into something we would wear linking to the surrealist theme, which we've been studying. Was a hard task with so many amazing ideas coming from everyone and it was really cool to see how people had interpreted the theme in their own way. We were given about 3 days to complete the task then told to put on a fashion show to showcase our hard work, which apart from the music stopping early went quite well! I got to model my own shirt complete with huge hair and heels, the getting ready was definitely the best part. Tutors and other years came to watch and take photos, so all that was going through my mind was not to fall over - completely underestimated how hard walking down a runway is! My shirt is the one above and I was going for a more dreamlike approach with cuffs and collars in places you wouldn't expect them. Look completely terrified but it was a good day enjoyed by all.