Monday, 29 August 2011


Been obsessing over Terry Richardson of late. His pictures always seem more up front and honest; they don't look planned. How fun would life be living in a Terry Richardson shoot?!
Had a busy weekend, went through to Edinburgh for my birthday - absorbed some culture i.e. comedy show from someone apparently in the Inbtweeners movie - well we tried. Had cocktails. Wandered around. Got chased down the street by a man with no trousers on. More cocktails. Meet the Gap Yah man. Ended up in the Champagne Bar of the Grand Central Hotel - best moment ever. Felt like I'd found my we sat with garlands of flowers in our hair. We were at a festival man.....

Love Love x x x

Friday, 26 August 2011

Wine O'Clock

Going to a 21st tonight - not mine - but I'd like to think I'd be able to wake up tomorrow & look like her.............probs not though.

So today cocktail recipe is in light of the sunny weather today, I present to you

A Day At The Beach:

1oz coconut rum
1/2oz amaretto
4oz orange juice
1/2oz grenadine

Shake rum, amaretto & orange juice with ice.
Pour into a glass half filled with ice.
Top with grenadine, a pineapple wedge and a strawberry.


Now remember please drink responsibly and enjoy a balanced lifetyle (i.e. a glass in each hand) - sorry couldn't resist!

Love Love x x x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tea Party For One?

Yesterday was my 21st birthday, had such an amazing day - was a very lucky girl, got showered with gifts & some cocktails courtesy of la madre (yes I know I'm like tri-lingual in that last sentence).
After dinner at Jamie's Italian, my brother had booked himself, my sister and myself in to see one of our favourite comedians at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Jack Whitehall - utterly hilarious - even funnier walking up the Royal Mile at 9 o'clock at night listening to the utter tripe people talk to you. Hopefully going to go back down for the day on Saturday which will inevitably turn into a piss-up as I intend to do for the next week or so right up into my party. Well your only 21 once.
Also yesterday got myself a birthday treat - partly after my aunty wrote in my card " I'm sending you money to buy something special like jewellery - not shoes!" Ah, she knows me too well!!

Courtesy of Dune, remind me of sparkly tap shoes I used to have & as I said to the mother " They're sensible shoes!" Aye, not for long wait til she sees my next ones.
Planning on making my own dress for my party, well theres no planning I'm halfway through sewing it, but I'm absolutely terrified because if it goes wrong, I've nothing to wear. Might just pull a Naomi....

Love Love x x x

Monday, 22 August 2011


Had a bizarre day today, got hassled out of money for some charity in Buchanan Street, the guy was cute ok? But they way he operated wasn't in an appropriate manner for a charitable organisation. The "volunteers" shouldn't follow you into the bank while you withdraw money so you can be sure they get it and their commission, when you tell them you've no card/cash on your person (i.e. LEAVE ME ALONE). But now I feel guilty about cancelling it. I am a poor student though, got to save all the pennies I can for important things like...shots, shoes....oh and fabric??

This just makes me laugh.....ahhh the simple things....

Love Love x x x 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Completely In Love

Just discovered Arabella Drummond. As well as having an impossibly cool name she is the most sexiest woman I have ever seen.
If I was brave enough I get tattoos like her & Winehouse. Don't think I could pull it off though.

Love Love x x x