Monday, 12 December 2011

Finished Magazine Shoot

As promised heres the final edit of the leather shoot. It was for our tongue-in-cheek entertainment in the arts magazine based in Scotland. Basically a cool fashion magazine with drinking dens in it for Scotland. How strange is it that we don't really have anything like that minus the Skinny? None that is really big anyway?? Hezza-Watt I'm looking to you....

Love love xxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

Fashion Magazine

As part of our CAD class this semester we had to produce an online magazine which our group got far too overexcited with and collected enough content to make the Vogue September issue look like a pamphlet. Major cutting ensued and we managed to actually produce something we were reletively pleased with. This is the originals from the photoshoot, was based on ways of wearing leather but I'll post how we edited them later....

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sportswear in Fashion

So for this semesters Fashion Design for Function class we had to create a collection that was inspired by a sport & a high fashion designer, but would be sold in a high street store. Confusing I know, but we picked track & field as our sport & Jil Sander as our designer to go along with our boxy shapes and clean lines. Then picked French Connection to represent our clothes - hence the burgundy. All went rather well until we started having major cock ups with fabrics but we got there in the end!

Complete collection line up.

This is my design and yes that is a PVC jacket you are seeing before your eyes. Most stupid decision of my life, PVC does not like to be sewn!

PVC jacket has a sheer panel across the bust, in-seam pockets & zip front with over-exaggerated hood. Then leggings have sheer side panelling. DELIGHTFUL!

Works well as a collection in my mind but let me know what you think...I know the fits a bit dodgy in certain areas but try to ignore and look at the designs.

love love x x x