Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Familiarities

Well what did we think? Fabulous dress eh? But didn't Pippa Middleton completely steal the show?? As we all know now Sarah Burton for McQueen did an amazing job in creating a dress that will remain timeless and beautiful....can't wait for the calls of new brides at work tomorrow...."we were looking for something similar to Kate". Apparently Net-a-Porter's going to have their version finished by 6pm tonight, oh nothings sacred or unique for long.
However our heart now flutters for a certain Prince Harry - the way he giggled with the flower girls makes me think he's perhaps soon-to-be husband material, but to the more important factor.....what was Princess Beatrice wearing on her head??? Gaga much?
Beatrice's interesting head gear choice, like wise Princess Eugenie's take on spring florals.....
Oh look its Princess Beatrice's head gear in another life!
Where theres a frill, theres me! Notice how discreetly Burton managed to sneak them in. Twitter has been non-stop with how Pippa has "stolen the hearts of the nation" and egging on Prince Harry, Former England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan tweeting, "Make a move this afternoon Harry...Lovely gardens at the palace..." being a particular favourite.
Her dress - made out of satin (good choice - it's a steamers dream!) looked magnificent against the abbey setting. I first thought when she stepped out the car how classic it looked and she obviously looked at the late Princess Grace for her inspiration.
Princess Grace at her own wedding.
That kiss before the Prince said, "OK one more then"
And to end a final look of my future husband....well he's already got the for my dress......

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Big Fat Frilly Wedding

Apologies for being absent over the past few weeks, I was planning on blogging loads since we have officially broken up for summer, but alas I finally got a job!!!!!
I am actually working in what is voted as the best bridal salon in Scotland - the prestigious VOWS awards don't cha know - and although its impossibly busy, I am enjoying it immensely, even getting to do a little hands on sewing which surely will make up for the "fashion, fashion, fashion" we've to be all about this summer???
I have decided to give the blog an overhaul as well, it was getting a little boring after all. I will now be concentrating on all this frilly in fashion and otherwise, and bringing these divine treats to whoever of you out there may be reading. Letting my frilly flag fly clearly. But that's not all!!! Oh no, I will still report on my Uni work - the delights that that may bring - and any other fashion info which I deem superior enough to be on la blog.
So in homage to my new job and the upcoming nuptials of Kazza and Wills, here's how to do frills wedding style.....
First of all Coleen Rooney's Marchesa dress was amazing, the way the fabric moved it looked like she was floating....well thats what I would imagine if I'd been there.....unfortunately her husband didn't float off out the picture, shame really.
Although not traditionally white, the pink adds a little something, something....prom dress maybe?
Vera Wang's Fern dress shows off the right amount of exaggerated ruffles
She does it again with the Eleanor dress, in Stanley's words, "Thats what I want, only BIGGER!"
And of course Carrie's Vivienne Westwood gets a mention, those ruffles are enough all on their own!
And then we move onto how not to get married....with luminous pink bridesmaids maybe?? Although their tans do blend in well with the dresses.
Remember this one, moving fibre-optic butterflies?? thanks.
And finally Princess Diana, yes she's an amazing icon, style and humanities wise....but my goodness what a dress.....ruffles gone drastically wrong, and she had it in silk, hence the major creases!! A lesson I well learned whilst steaming.
So this in turn begs the question.....what will Kate wear? Will she opt for traditional bride like Diana or perhaps something sleek? But the more important question is who will be making it? Obviously it has to be a British designer; I'd love to see a Christopher Kane dress or Sarah Burton from McQueen but if she did one I think it would be a diluted down version of McQueen and not the theatricality that I so desire, however I am also suspecting Westwood.... time will tell though!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Flavour of the Month: Leomie Anderson

Leomie Anderson. Everyones been talking about her ever since "The Model Agency" aired on channel 4 and with good reason. She comes across a delightful girl who loves her job but at the same time as jetting off to New York, Milan and Paris shes continuing her education and keeping her feet firmly on the ground. And she has those legs!
My favourite is the blue shirt and glasses - so Tom Ford and utterly perfect. I predict big things for Leomie, shes a definite talent and there have been rumours shes the next Naomi......well only time will tell.