Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Familiarities

Well what did we think? Fabulous dress eh? But didn't Pippa Middleton completely steal the show?? As we all know now Sarah Burton for McQueen did an amazing job in creating a dress that will remain timeless and beautiful....can't wait for the calls of new brides at work tomorrow...."we were looking for something similar to Kate". Apparently Net-a-Porter's going to have their version finished by 6pm tonight, oh nothings sacred or unique for long.
However our heart now flutters for a certain Prince Harry - the way he giggled with the flower girls makes me think he's perhaps soon-to-be husband material, but to the more important factor.....what was Princess Beatrice wearing on her head??? Gaga much?
Beatrice's interesting head gear choice, like wise Princess Eugenie's take on spring florals.....
Oh look its Princess Beatrice's head gear in another life!
Where theres a frill, theres me! Notice how discreetly Burton managed to sneak them in. Twitter has been non-stop with how Pippa has "stolen the hearts of the nation" and egging on Prince Harry, Former England Cricket Captain Michael Vaughan tweeting, "Make a move this afternoon Harry...Lovely gardens at the palace..." being a particular favourite.
Her dress - made out of satin (good choice - it's a steamers dream!) looked magnificent against the abbey setting. I first thought when she stepped out the car how classic it looked and she obviously looked at the late Princess Grace for her inspiration.
Princess Grace at her own wedding.
That kiss before the Prince said, "OK one more then"
And to end a final look of my future husband....well he's already got the for my dress......

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