Sunday, 22 August 2010

A New Start

So I've to start a blog as part of my summer project but I'm thinking now as good an opportunity as any to actually keep one up and join the ever growing blogging world. This blog will be like an online journal for me about my course, and obviously, my interest in fashion and if someone happens to stumble across and read it then so much the better.

My name is Pamela and I'm 20 years old - although I like to pretend to everyone I'm still 19 (20 just seems like such a grown-up and mature number). I'm about to start studying Fashion in Galashiels. Yes I realise it’s not the most likely place to study fashion, as it's not a bustling city like you would expect, so I have been interrogating people to find out more and there is actually quite a happening student vibe down there. After my brief flirtation with business and French at Strathclyde Uni, I can’t wait to start learning more about something I’m actually interested in as fashion has always been my first love.

So Galashiels....from what I've been hearing it has a very lively rugby scene (of which I know nothing), 2 clubs, thousands of pubs (is that pub crawl I hear?), and of course an amazing millinery and knitwear background. It can get cold and if it snows apparently they shut off the exits to the town.......but then there’s the fashion side to keep me warm! The college is so well equipped and has such fantastic resources that I am quite sure I spend hours reading, experiment and developing my ideas. The library alone has such an impressive magazine and book collection that I'm sorted for reading material for the next 4 years.

Fashion has always been something I've been interested in ever since I started stubbornly dressing myself age 3. I can remember the exact moment in Tammy Girl (oh many moons ago don’t worry!) that I realised I could become part of the Fashion Industry. And it’s not just the shows and clothes, but fashion monthlies have become my bible over the years (much to my gran’s dismay) and I can barely get through the month without my Elle or Vogue vice.

So as I'm about to don my fabulous wellies, wrap myself up warm and pray that theres not a heavy snowfall this winter as I embark on my course to study fashion and get to Paris.....