Wednesday, 13 July 2011

I Wish it Was McQueen...

Vest Top : Freebie; Jeans : Topshop; Shoes : Dune; Scarf : Miss Selfridge; Watch : Swatch; Hoop Earrings : Gift; Cuff : You no where

This is just my casual downtime look.......I'm kidding, I don't wear heels wherever I go, especially not these ones that I blogged about here, that have a slight tendancy to suffocate the feet, and numb your toes in the most awful pins and needles situation. But as mother always says, "beauty is pain!!" and they are a beauty so I shall wince through it.
But alas summer weather now means meandering along with sandals/wedges and an altogether more enjoyable experience. Save for the man from the older generation, who insists on running along the beach front everyday with his tight ZEBRA PRINT speedos on, hairy chest on show.....have a good mind to email the council to try and get this creature removed from our presence...or at least get him some kind of restraining order on the whole beach. Til summers over at least. I will do you all a favour and not take a picture of him, save you from that horrific occurence, not least because I will probably be done for being a pervert.

Love Love x x x

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  1. nice look !