Friday, 17 June 2011


My masculine posing skills

Clearly a ladyboy if I'm wearing heels

Since one watch just isn't enough!

Trying to be a Tag Heuer campaign

Shirt : All Saints; Trousers : Made by Moi!; Shoes : Topshop

These are the glorious items that would be my men's jean trousers. Think I was going for a Bay City Roller stylee with the tartan waistband and patch pocket. Although one of my friends told me they were the type of trousers my Tutor would wear.........oh dear.

Heres some Androgyny images to try and gain some cool back into my life.....

How cool do these girls look??? Speaking of how would you channel your androgynous self?

love love xxx


  1. Your trousers look really good!! x

  2. I like this post =)
    To answer your last question though... to channel your androgynous self, learn to speak as both genders. Lower your voice to a man, and learn to move your face as one... once you learn to convince your mind and ears that you are the opposite gender, then you have achieved it =)

    Watch my attempt at androgyny... at first you will think man because I start out in a males voice and male facial expression, but I switch back and forth between genders... and so will your opinion. I've found I can make somebody call me he and she in the same sentence just by subtly changing my speech and eye movements. is the video =)