Saturday, 24 September 2011

My Favourite Object??

So back to Uni I's actually much better than last year. My classes are a lot more interesting and we're getting to do a magazine again!! Been put in control again as editor so it's totally playing up to my control/OCD personality.
This photo is for our CCS class. We had to do a biography on ourselves, which I won't bore you to tears by posting it, but then we had to include a picture of our favourite object or something significant to us. Since I couldn't find anything deep, meaningful and slightly pretentious, I settled on my old faithfuls. La leopard print booties! Personally I believe they are an extension of my personality.....or just really, really cool.
But being bored on a wednesday night whilst writing the bio, my flatmate and I decided to turn the whole thing into a photoshoot. Better than a midnight Tesco run anyway.

Love Love x x x

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