Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tie-Dye Jumper

I have been eBaying my life away the past week. Mainly due to work not giving me enough hours and realising I still have a massive credit card bill to pay off. On another note why is it we insist on treating ourselves once we've paid off a bit of it? By adding more back on??? So I have actually managed to sell a few things, one pair of shoes went to Latvia for someones girlfriend (I don't really want to know whether he's actually a tranvestite or a pimp), and the rest have been dotted about the country. Have subsquently raided everyone else's wardrobes to continue making my fortune.

I made this jumper though during the Easter break. Initially I was going to stud the collar and cuffs til I realised they weighed down on it too much and the shape was lost. Then I was going to bleach it white with tie-dye til I got bored waiting for it so its now lilac which I actually prefer. Still smells of bleach though....

Love Love

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